Sorry seems to be the easiest word

How many of us say sorry instead of excuse me? New research suggests that saying “sorry” just rolls off the tongue, as apparently, us Brits say it up to eight times a day. If we do a bit of maths, that means we say sorry 2,920 times a year and 233,600 times in a lifetime. Research … Continue reading

Are you a smartphone addict?

Do you  guard your phone with your life and use it anywhere and everywhere? Research from Ofcom has found that 60 per cent of teenagers have admitted to being “highly addicted” to their device, whether it be an iPhone, Blackberry or Android phone. It was revealed that 65 per cent of teenagers use their smartphone whilst socialising, … Continue reading

Want to avoid breakouts? Get healthy skin NOW!

Young people may fear that eating bad food is the cause of breakouts such as spots, blackheads and acne, but they should fear not. There is actually little scientific evidence that suggests acne  is caused by fatty and sugary foods, and in fact, hormonal factors are most likely to be the cause. Below are some key points … Continue reading

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